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Westlands are Growers for Chefs!

British-grown in the Vale of Evesham, our unique range of exciting and innovative products are selected for the finest quality and flavour.

the inspired range

Inspired is our more unusual collection of distinctive leaves and flowers, some starting out life as foraged plants.

We select and grow this range for their uniqueness and visual or flavour impact. Inspired really does take everyone out of their comfort zone and introduces taste sensations such as Edible flowers, or Specials like Micro Melons and Popcorn Shoots. These products can add a zesty flavour or an impressive dash of colour to any menu. Whilst their origins may be from traditional foraged products or from pure innovation we now grow them seasonally right here in the UK as commercial speciality growers.

the taste of the sea range

Our Taste of the Sea collection are products specially selected and grown for their unique flavour and saline qualities.

Sea vegetables are a rich source of both nutrients and vitamins and they are typically high in calcium, magnesium and iodine. There are many varieties of sea vegetables (and seaweeds) with each one having their own benefits and flavours. Delightful to eat with a light, delicate flavour that enhances the foods they are added to, and only take a few minutes to steam cook or sauté. Usually served with fish, seafood or salt-marsh lamb.

the micro leaf range

Micro Leaves are exactly as they are described.

Very young, small leaves harvested at seed leaf or first true leaf stage. They are packed with flavour and will add an extra dimension to salads or that magical touch to complete a dish. Used and eaten whole, our range of Micro Leaf is cut for you so there is almost no preparation and very little waste. Used by some of the top Michelin starred chefs in the UK, Micro Leaf is also an innovative ingredient used for premium sandwich manufacturers, prepared salads and food service sectors.
Westlands Micro Leaf range is grown year round right here in the UK.

the growing range

Westlands Growing collection are grown in a soil free medium, we send them to you in punnets so you can cut what you need and still have some fresh for another day.

This range can be used right at the very last minute, making life a little easier for garnishing at the pass. Westlands Growing collection comes as single varieties or alternatively as a mixed variety box, the choice is yours. Fresh and flexible this collection make an ideal ingredient or garnish to compliment many dishes.

the tomatoes range

Incorporating our very popular Westlands Heritage collection this is our range of heirloom, speciality and classic tomatoes, all grown in the UK.

Our quest to rediscover the taste and aroma sought by many Chefs and their customers has led us to revisit some great tasting tomato varieties. The range and depth of eye catching colours, visually appeals but it is the wonderful flavour and aroma that sets this UK grown range apart. The Heritage collection is typified by the array of variety types, shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. Whilst looking quite different to commercially grown varieties their unusual appearance is more than made up for in flavour, taste and aroma.

about us

about us

Based in the heart of the UK for over 60 years, Westlands has developed through some key stages of growing fresh produce from the traditional to plant propagation and now speciality.

Emerging from traditional salad and leaf growing Westlands now pioneer speciality leaf and growing techniques using cutting edge technology and hydroponics. We are the largest British commercial grower of Micro leaf, speciality cress, edible flowers, samphire and other sea vegetable crops, watercress and speciality tomatoes.

Being able to produce unique and innovative leaves and speciality fresh produce takes time, care and attention to quality that Westlands are renowned for. It does also mean that we can introduce novelty to the repertoire of fresh produce and to the finished dishes of a great many chefs (including Michelin Starred) and food enthusiasts.

Mixing originality with modern and adding a dash of pioneering spirit has enabled Westlands to introduce a range and depth of products that any inspiring chef or food enthusiast would be proud to create signature menus and meals with.

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